Day 107: Whipping Post

My friend Matt explained to me why I loved this Allman Brothers song—it’s a waltz.  As soon as I realized this, I went through my music collection and found all the waltzes.  They are all over the place. They are infectious.

I wish I could share such an insight with Miles. When Matt told me the key to the song’s appeal, it opened my eyes. Matt is very smart. He taught me so much. I wish Miles had the opportunity to make more friends like Matt in his life. I wish so much.  I know he had so many friends like Connor, Duncan, Zach, Arj, Kent, and so many others, but I wish he could grow up and make more friends and be that friend to other people.

I wish Miles was back, wish he was here. We could pick through songs and find all the waltzes. “Of course,” I’d say. “I never realized this one is a waltz too.”

“Listen,” I would say. “‘In the Aeroplane Over the Sea’ is a waltz too!”

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