Day 85: Driven to Tears

In 1986, the Police were my favorite band. I was 14. The band has broken up and were no longer performing. Sting was doing his own solo work. I loved their music and regretted not ever seeing them a few years before when they were huge. I was too young at the hight of their popularity, and I had no idea who the Police were when they were popular.

Sting was part of a concert tour for Amnesty International in 1986. A whole bunch of bands toured six cities as part of the Conspiracy of Hope tour. In the middle of the tour, they announced that the Police were getting back together and were playing a few shows. MTV broadcast the final concert at Giants Stadium. I was really excited.

I spent all day in front of the tv with a portable cassette player that I held up to the speaker of the television. I had no idea that the headline bands always performed at the end and I could have skipped over the Neville Brothers, Joan Baez, U2,and Peter Gabriel (I had never heard of any of them.). But I stayed up and I recorded those six songs the Police played. I listened to that tape over and over and over again. “Driven to Tears” is one of the songs they played. It has held up well.


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