Day 82: Daydream Believer

The past two weeks have been mostly music by some pretty strange bands. Ween, the Residents, or the Butthole Surfers are not for everyone. I think I need to cleanse my palate. Miles listened to a wide range of music. He did not listen to Ween, the Residents, and the Butthole Surfers all the time. He had varied tastes that ranged pretty far.

Miles and I did some fun things, silly things.  One day in the summer of 2013, we went to Beaverton, Pennsylvania, to celebrate the life of Davy Jones, a member of the Monkees and long-time Central Pennsylvania resident.

I am not sure how Davy Jones—an Englishman—ended up in Beaverton, just a few miles from Lewisburg. He had a horse farm there and spent many summers tending his horses and fixing up his house, an old church he was renovating into a home.

I think the Monkees don’t get the respect they deserve.  Yes, they were created by Hollywood for a tv show.  They were not the Beatles.  They were an imitation of the Beatles, designed purely to market to teen girls.  But they also had some of the best song writers writing songs for them– Neil Diamond, Gerry Coffin and Carole King, Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil.  It is true that the Monkees were part of a massive PR machine, but that machine worked really well.  The Monkees recorded some great songs.

In the heat of the Beaverton Fair Grounds, Miles and I crowded the stage with his friend Duncan to watch Davy Jones’s daughters unveil the Davy Jones statue.  It sculptor, some guy from Altoona, went on and on about how he really wasn’t a Monkees fan to be honest and the piece did not quite turn out the way he wanted it to and Mr. Jones’s daughter are really very attractive.  When he finally stopped talking, they unveiled the statue and everybody in the crowd sang Daydream Believer, led by Davy’s old backing band in a rousing rendition that induced many tears. I talked to folks from all over the world who gathered there in Beaverton to celebrate the Monkees.  A guy drove all night from Alabama.  A woman came in for the weekend from England.  A team from Texas entered the bed race at the local drag strip.  They defeated a team from Canada.

Like what you like.

Davy Jones statue Monkees car


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