Day 79: Wonderful

The Residents have been around forever. For their entire career, they have lived far to the fringe of music and art. They never had their moment in the sun. They never got the attention that luck can cast on a band or performer. Their music is really weird, and that is probably why they never had their moment—but look at Devo and other bands from the early 80s.  Lots of weird bands had their moments and their hits, even if just one.

This song is a sad one. It is about their never having made it big. But it also is about their persistence. It is about their weirdness, their audience.  The Residents do what nobody else has done. They have occupied a space in the imagination straddling the subconscious and the real where it is hard to live and harder to succeed. It is about their roots. There is a realness to The Residents behind their masks and weird music, real human experiences. They did not make it big but they have had the privilege of being around, of getting old, and of basking in a bright intense light of devotion.


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