Day 77: It’s Gonna Be (Alright)

I do not know Ween’s music well.  Dedicating a week of listening to them is a nice way to remember Miles. I discovered a lot of songs I like, more than I remembered.

The winter is cold and long and dark, and I always need some projects and rituals to keep my spirits up as I make my way through it.  I decided a long time ago that running away from fears was not a good way to live. So I embrace those things that I initially recoil at.  The winter can be cold and long and dark, but there is so much to it that I love about the season. If you are outside in winter, it often feels like you have the whole world to yourself. A winter walk in the woods is perfect if you want to be alone.  The world looks different in winter. When I decided to embrace the winter, I quickly discovered so much about the world I had overlooked before. I love the winter now because I learned to look where nobody else is looking and I discovered so much.


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