Day 68: Wondering Boy Poet

We held a memorial service in Lewisburg for Miles in September, a few weeks after he died. I compiled some music to play over the Weis Center sound system before the ceremony. As I chose songs to play, I discovered this short gem by Guided By Voices. It spoke to me at the time and it still does:

Dream on child of change
Throw your javelin through the sun
Pierce the heart of everyone
Though we push to slave the days
This is not reality
This is just formality
The cup is only being filled
For a chance to have it spilled
Flowing– just like the days
Sailing– just like the days.

It spoke to me about Miles when I discovered it and it speaks to me still.

Guided By Voices’s catalog includes so many of these songs—little songs of a minute or two that sound like fragments. They are never too much. They leave you wanting more.  They never overdo it, and they often get it just right.

Pierce the heart of everyone.

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