Day 64: On a Plain

When Miles was really young, we listened to Nirvana a lot.  He liked them.  I liked them.  We sang along with their music in the car, as much as we could understand the words.

“On a Plain” includes the lyrics, “I love myself // better than you.” I did not want Miles singing this at the top of his voice because I thought it was a really selfish thing for a little boy to say. Whenever the song came on in the car, I sang over it really loudly: “I love you // better than me.” It is a subtle but important difference.

Years later, the song came on the stereo at home as part of a mix, and I wasn’t there to sing along to drown out the real lyrics.  Miles heard the words.  He ran in to the kitchen where I was washing dishes and he told me that I had the songwrong.  Oh, no, I told him.  I must have misheard it.


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