Day 22: Take It Easy On Me

Miles and I enjoyed the Best Show for the laughs, but we also listened for the music. At the beginning of each show, host Tom Scharpling played 20-30 minutes of rock music. Miles and I learned about so many great bands through the show– Ty Segall, Guided By Voices, Led Zeppelin, The Sweet, F*cked Up, and so many others. The first half hour of the Best Show was like a home page for new tunes.

Some of my favorite moments on the Best Show were when musicians played in the studio. Ted Leo played many times. I also heard Kurt Vile, Yo La Tengo, Aimee Mann, and AC Newman. One of the best moments was when Ted Leo and AC Newman played each other’s songs on a holiday special a few years ago.

Gary the Squirrel was a regular Best Show character. Gary is a squirrel. He is an up-and-coming comedian and host of Comedians Are Nuts, a show within the Best Show featuring hard-hitting, probing interviews with comedians like Andrew Kindler and Kurt Braunholer.

Gary is also a singer. He recorded several songs, and his first record, “Hey AP Mike,” debuted on the Best Show a few years ago. His backing band, The Heartthrobs, doubles as Gentleman Jesse and His Men, a rock group. I love Gentleman Jesse. One of my favorite songs is “Take It Easy On Me.”

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