Day 7: Buzzards and Dreadful Crows

I hope Miles had time to enjoy Guided By Voices. I know he heard them, but I am not sure if he ever really listened to them. I know he would have liked them.

When he was twelve years old, Miles tweeted something that stuck with me: “Flaws are what makes us beautiful.” I can see in his photography that this idea was not just a passing thought. It is a philosophy that he believed in.

I hope Miles listened a lot to Guided By Voices, because their music is full of flaws. The songs are great, but the imperfections are right there to hear. I think he would have loved their unpolished style if he had the time to get into them.

I imagine a future with Miles at college seeing GBV in concert or finding a kindred spirit in the dorm who could indulge in their music with him and share a love of flaws and imperfectly perfect inventions.

I expect Miles to walk in the room as I write this and sit down across from me on the couch. When I ask him if he likes Guided By Voices, he will say, “Oh yeah. Totally. They’re awesome.”

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