Day 2: Porpoise Song

We recovered everything from Miles’s car and among his belongings was a mix CD that a friend made for him.  I am not sure who made him the CD, but it was somebody from the Film Por Vida network.

Miles developed a lot of friendships through Film Por Vida.  Miles was a photographer and he exchanged prints of pictures he took and developed in the dark room on his own.  Film Por Vida is a great idea, and it enabled him to correspond with photographers all over the world.

Jai Tanju, the founder of the network, created a nice post in memory of Miles.  I am so grateful for the network.  Many people have sent photos to us in Miles’s memory, and I sent out the stack of photos he had prepared to send himself but never mailed.  We still get pictures in the mail.

This is one of my favorite songs from the mix CD.  When we held a memorial service for Miles in Lewisburg, we played some songs over the theater sound system as part of a mix I compiled.  The song has a pleasant elegiac tone and chorus.  I like the Monkees, and I tried to get Miles to listen to them but I am not sure they caught on with him just yet.  Throughout the year, I will share other songs we played at the memorial service, including the ones his friends played live.


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